our living room

our living room

This week on IG I shared a few images of our living room and had so many great questions on styling and purchasing. You guys – you seriously make my ENTIRE week when you send me these sweet little messages asking for my opinion or where I found something. I am by no means a professional interior designer ** I wish! – but I absolutely love styling homes and making spaces extra pretty. I first wanted to write here to say THANK YOU – and second to answer any sourcing questions on this space in our home – and maybe offer a little design inspiration too!

I’ve mentioned before here and over on IG that I rarely pay full price for anything – check out my post below for a few tips on how I make this happen. It for sure takes some patience, budgeting and planning – but definitely pays off in the long run so I can spend a little extra in other areas of my home.

Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa – these are slip covered in white and absolutely amazing to throw in the wash. So far we haven’t had anything NOT come out of them – and it makes me happy to actually see when they are dirty and need to be cleaned. Olive Green Velvet Lumbar Pillow, Amaro Pillow Cover Set, Amalfi Moroccan Pom Pom Pillow, – I love these Woven Nooks sets, they are great quality, affordable and making pillow styling super easy. Manilla Hammered Barrel Coffee Table, Chunky Jute Loop Rug, This is Home: The Art of Simple Living book, Wood Bead Garland. Coffee table essentials – tray or bowl to corral remotes and coasters, design book and decorative beads.

Our TV cabinet is no longer offered from Pottery Barn, but it’s from the Benchwright Collection if searching – and I’m linking their current entertainment center here in the same finish. The pictured house plants are a monstera leaf in the white pot and a fiddle leaf fig in the terracotta. Both from local nurseries. The pretty Two Chickens painting is by a local artist – I’m linking his website and the faux deer mount is also out of stock from West Elm, but linking a similar option here.

Wind chime, mini-macrame wall hanging and cactus are all from Target, Madera Modern letter board – I have the 8 X 11 size in hickory and the natural sea grass floppy basket. My rug – also from Target is out of stock – linking a super similar option here. I LOVE the black and white – and the tassels of course. The iron horse head hooks are also from Pottery Barn – but about 10 years old – and not available anymore. Heartbreaking, I know. However – here’s a few other options that I love – H&M Home wooden hanger, Pottery Barn cast iron hooks and All Modern Ophelia wood hooks. The Paulowina Wood vases were purchased at a local design shop here in Utah – but after some internet searching, I could only find them in stock here. These vases are so versatile – I move them around my home all the time and they are always easy to display. My entry way table is linked here, nothing a little gold spray paint can’t change! A favorite design tip – grab a couple of design books and use them as decor or to add a little height and dimension on your entry or coffee table. If I could suggest just a few entry way essentials – a table, cabinet or bench, rug and two to three pieces of decor you love – just this will get you started or be a complete look.

When putting together this room – (let’s be honest, STILL putting together this room – isn’t style ever changing and evolving?) I really wanted it to feel cozy but stylish, inviting – and someplace you want to be with family & friends. Our front door opens to this room – and we have an open concept with the kitchen, it’s important that everything flows. Thanks for reading friends – happy, happy weekend! Xoxo.

Rule of Sixes

Rule of Sixes

I have a rule of thumb I like to use when I start designing a room – it’s nothing professional, I’m sure you probably won’t find it in any design or decor books – but I REALLY believe it works, well – it has for me anyways. I shared these images on my IG this week – but wanted to go a bit more in depth here today. I choose ONE item that I absolutely cannot live without. Big or small. Couch or throw pillow. Rug or a small piece I want sitting on my entry way table. And I try to wrap everything else in the space around it – or coordinate everything to flow together with this one very special, very loved piece. From there – I wholeheartedly believe that just SIX other decor items can absolutely transform the entire vibe of a space – and these six items give you a great place to start as you incorporate more of what you love, or even – give you all you need. As I get older and have really “explored” my style (I use explored because I’ve gone from every single trend, color scheme, to sh*t tons of decor pieces on every available surface in my home .. haha, back to basics – a bit more minimal, really just pieces and colors I love – and that make me feel good – so yeah, that’s “exploring”, nicely put). It’s taken me almost 14 years of renting / owning my own home to really figure out what I like, what kind of feeling I want my space to have and the items I want to be surrounded by. This is an ever evolving process – and something I’m sure will continue to change – I’m okay with that. Be okay with that. When your designing and decorating your own home – it’s okay to try something, not love it and start over again. Aside from the more expensive things (flooring, cabinets, counter tops etc) – most things are inexpensively changed.

So – going with my theory, let’s call it the rule of SIXES – I wanted to share three boards I put together from H&M’s Home line (all the heart eyes). Readers, if you haven’t browsed their website – go do that now, some of the most gorgeous, stylish and inexpensive items for the home. Six items on each board that can completely transform, kick start or be everything you need. In creating these boards – I kept mostly the living room or bedroom in mind – they’d work for either, but I’d love to hear if you get creative and incorporate them into another room too. Here’s the best part – each of these boards cost UNDER $150 DOLLARS for EVERYTHING shown.

^^ Minimal, modern farmhouse, rustic – a good mix of all. I really, really love all six pieces here. I’m actually kinda tempted to add them all to my cart right now. ❤ My favorite thing about the black, white and natural wood tones are how easily they are incorporated into any color scheme. I shied away from black for a few years, but am happily incorporating little pieces here and there back into my home now. For the living room – I picture these pieces with either grey, brown or black leather, white / cream or navy furniture. I’d use the black round throw pillow on a chair, roll up the throw blanket – fringe side out and store it in the wire basket. Or another idea – grab some pieces of chopped wood for the basket and throw the blanket over the couch. I’d hang the wooden hooks in the entry way – and use the wooden tray either on an entry or coffee table, with the stone jug and a few of your favorite books stack on top. Maybe adding some fresh branches from your yard to the jug too.

^^ Light, fresh, airy. Blush is the new beige. This could be an absolutely gorgeous trend for a living room (in fact, we decorated my little sisters living room with these tones – blush accent wall included, and it’s unreal!), but in putting together this board I was thinking bedroom vibes. A clean cotton scented candle burning, blush throw thrown over white, grey or cream bedding or maybe even a printed floral, a basket at the foot for extra storage – and the gold frame and white vase for the nightstand vignette.

^^ Moody, deep color, a little bit modern. Again – living room in mind – maybe black leather, grey or white couches. I’d style the emerald blanket over a couch or chair with the throw pillow over that. I’d hang the round gold mirror in the entry – on an entry table underneath I’d place the tray with the botanical pot and candle on top. Or hang the mirror on a wall in your living space – wooden tray on a coffee or side table, with the pot and candle layered again.

I can’t say this enough – but your home should be a place you love. It doesn’t need to be your dream home or your forever home, or even be just exactly as you’d like. But it’s the NOW. Stay present there. It makes me sad when friends & family tell me they aren’t doing anything in their current homes because it’s not their forever home or because there’s still so much they want to change. I’m not talking knocking out a wall, panting the entire house or changing your counter tops friends – I’m talking something small. Bring a few pieces in – or take a few pieces out, something that makes you happy. Something that represents you – and the feeling you want inside your home. It doesn’t need to be expensive, it can be a thrift store find, a family heirloom – or that expensive piece of art you’ve been swooning for. Just make your present space YOURS. Xoxo.

Cooking with GP: Braised Chicken with Green Olives & Lemon

A few days ago I shared my favorite cookbook round up over on IG in hopes of providing some cooking inspiration for my followers. I know I’ve mentioned in the past – but nothing makes me happier than having my friends and family fill my house over a shared meal. I feel especially good about it when it’s clean, healthy, whole foods I’m preparing for them. And even better when they are equally as delicious. I picked up a copy of GP’s It’s All Good as soon as it hit the shelves a couple of years ago. I can’t even count how many times I’ve prepared this Braised Chicken now – it’s one of our favorites. The ingredients are simple and clean – and it’s such a comfort food. I love that once you’ve got everything going you can essentially walk away from it until it’s ready. I modified the original recipe a bit by using a whole chicken instead of a half – this feeds about 5, but feel free to cut it down too if needed. I also prefer cooking this in my cast iron dutch oven – if you don’t have a large pot you can always cut up the chicken as needed too.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Make it for someone you love. ♥️ I’ll be taking next Sunday off from writing while traveling in Amsterdam & London – but promise to come back with some awesome travel tips for both lovely cities. Happy Sunday friends! Xoxo.