January Link Up

January at our house is all about the refresh. After I get everything winter put away I love a good de-clutter of all my spaces. This year I tackled our kitchen – tossing an entire garbage bag full of junk and donating two totes worth of dishes and kitchen tools we just don’t use or had duplicates of. I really want everything to feel bright + fresh – something about starting the new year that way. I hadn’t done this since we got married friends – THIRTEEN years ago! Who’s with me?

I’ve found a few things worth sharing so far for our homes in 2020 to really bring that feeling in – along with shopping my own home and moving things around, it’s helped refresh our space so much! I wanted to share a few favorite items with you, these are giving me so much inspiration – AND wanted to remind you too, it’s not the “things” in our homes. I never want you to feel pressured to buy anything else. However, I do love sharing products that I love + even if they are things you can reference back to when you end up needing them, I hope you’ll do so.

For my kitchen refresh I ended up needing a few new tools – here’s the first set I purchased, we are loving them so far – they seem to be great quality!

And these basic tools to mix and match with my wooden spoons & spatulas.

And in keeping things cozy, I picked up this throw for our entry way basket in the living room. I love the pom pom’s and it’s extra soft + plush.

A few things giving me all the inspiration right now. GAH. Can we design someone’s space around these items together?

Woven Leather Chair | Seagrass Lamp | Purple Pillow | Blush Pillow

I’ve been wanting to add a lamp to my entry way table – you just can’t have enough of that layered lighting. I ** think this is the ONE. But I haven’t decided for sure yet. All the heart eyes regardless.

I hope you’ve all had the BEST month. I’m sharing details over on IG for February’s giveaway – make sure your following over there too. Happy Friday! xoxo.

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