The Best of September

I want to start something new here at my Red Front Door. At the end of each month I’ll be posting a “best of” series – rounding up and sourcing my favorite posts on IG, questions I’ve been asked over the month, projects I’m working on, favorite products – just a big old wrap up of everything going on. I’m really excited about this – & having a place to keep all the bests in one place. Without further ado, the BEST of September.

The best products I found on Amazon this month – & oh man, are they good!


1: Mellani bed sheets – you guys, I was so skeptical about these, they are UNDER $30 for a king set and it just doesn’t seem right. We’re sleeping so dang good – they are extra soft and wash great.

2: I’ve raved about these leggings over on IG – they are seriously my favorite right now. They feel like butter. Don’t slide down during a workout and come in the best prints – and great prices. I promise you will NOT regret these.

3: This sherpa blanket. Just warm & cozy – without being too heavy. These feel alot more expensive than they are and wash great. I love the textured look too!

A few favorite snapshots from my own home this month. Have I mentioned how much I love fall – and how much I love September? I love that warm filtered light through my windows.

Who else follows Chris Loves Julia? I’m absolutely in LOVE with their style – & really anything they do. I took a tip from Julia’s simple fall decor ideas and cut some stems from my forsythia bush outside for this vase. Isn’t that a gorgeous way to add some FREE fall decor?
One of my own simple fall decor ideas – fresh produce. Grab some apples or mini pumpkins – toss them in a wicker basket. Those colors!
Fall Entry
Basket, Madera Modern letter board, Home Body book

A few other things around our home – we’re ALMOST done with our master bedroom refresh. If you follow over on IG you’ve seen the progress. I’m planning on getting a post together of sources and a step by step on painting our wood floors & installing a faux beam – coming soon! With just a few months left this year we’ll wrap this up and give our master bath a little inexpensive update also – think rugs, decor, hardware etc .. I don’t love having too many house projects going on during the holidays- I try and wrap everything up before then so we can really just enjoy our home, friends & family and the busyness they often bring. For now – I’ll link up a few items we’ve purchased for our bedroom below.

Sherpa blanket, camel velvet throw pillow, rug, bench

Just a little disclaimer and piece of advice on the above items ^ ^ – other than the Woven Nook pillow covers (that are already wonderfully priced!) – I purchased all of these items on sale – be patient, wait for those deals!

We traveled to NYC the first week of September for the US Open – we had such a lovely weekend! Who else is a SATC fan? Where am I?

NYC travel guide coming soon!

And last but not least. In all my browsing – my FAVORITE IG photo in September. This gorgeous kitchen & entry view from Renovate 108. If you aren’t following them on IG – you need to be. Their currently renovating their 1500 square foot tract home in the LA area – and it’s just goals.

I hope your September was extra lovely readers. Now – who’s putting up Halloween? Xoxo.

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