twenty picks from the ikea 2020 catalog

Who’s checked out the new 2020 IKEA catalog? SWOON WORTHY friends. IKEA for me is normally hit & miss – I’ve found some of my favorite items for my home there – but often it feels few and far in between. Until I flipped through the pages of this catalog. You guys – it’s gorgeous. And so stylish. I’m sharing TWENTY items that we probably all need in our homes in TWENTY TWENTY.

ONE: the Knixhult Lamp. At just $49.99 – this cozy rattan floor lamp just says come cuddle up with a book and read. This is definitely something I”ll be purchasing for my own home.

TWO: Skurup Pendant Lamp $17.99

THREE: Fulltalig Candlesticks (Set of 3) $12.99

FOUR: Lubban Serving Cart $69.99 – I shared this on my IG story a couple of weeks ago when I first spotted it. Isn’t it gorgeous? Another item I’m pretty sure I need (maybe just want!). I’m thinking out on the patio with a pretty potted plant on the bottom tray, maybe a throw blanket for the chilly fall nights coming up – and a cold drink on top! This cart is super versatile – I also think it’d be gorgeous as an end table or night stand inside too.

FIVE: Kvistbro Table $49.99 – I love this end table with storage inside – a great place to roll up a couple of those pretty throws to keep them on display and easy available for use. They also have a shorter & wider option in white – more coffee table style that I love too.

SIX: Uppvakta Pot $5.99

SEVEN: Ypperlig Coffee Table $49.99

EIGHT: Hemnes Open Sink Cabinet $219 – my basement bathroom is on my list for a little updating – not in the near future, but maybe sometime next year – and I absolutely LOVE this option. They have some gorgeous sink choices for the top – and I picture some baskets with towels rolled on the bottom.

NINE: Bitterburka Hanging Planter $12.99

TEN: Risatorp Basket $12.99 – also coming home with me. Probably a few. The possibilities are endless! Also – what a perfect gift basket too! They have a couple of color options – the white is my favorite.

ELEVEN: Idasen Cabinet $399 – If you are in the market for a pretty storage solution – here’s your girl. I absolutely LOVE the simple style of this cabinet. It’s pretty and classy. I wish I had someplace in my own home for her!

TWELVE: Buskbo Armchair $160

THIRTEEN: Nilsove Armchair $89

FOURTEEN: Lauters Table Lamp $29.99

FIFTEEN: Bjorknas Bed $549 – just simple, pretty texture.

SIXTEEN: Lillasen Desk $179 – I would use this in place of an entry way table. I love it’s clean lines and nature wood top – the drawers are an added bonus too! Someone – purchase this, let’s style it together!

SEVENTEEN: Stilren Vase $7.99

EIGHTEEN: Sandared Pouffe $49.99 – the color and texture. This pouffe would honestly pair well with most anything & in any room. Also offered in navy and grey.

NINETEEN: Stocksund Sofa $699.99

TWENTY: Karotek Hooks $12.99

Happy decorating! Xoxo.

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