This is my first post here that I’m sharing a little sneak peek inside my own home – I’m a little bit nervous! It’s taken us about TEN years to finally get our basement family room just how we’d like it – and it’s not complete, but super close. From the beginning I wanted this space to be very functional – as it’s where we live the most aside from the kitchen. I also wanted this space to be very pretty – and sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance of the two. It’s honestly been the room that I’ve struggled the most with in our home. It went from our neutral light tan walls when we first moved in, to a buttery yellow (I don’t know what I was thinking, I hate yellow) – back to the original light color – and finally with a gorgeous slate blue accent wall that I really love. We’ve had three different sets of furniture and countless decor items over the last 10 years – I was always looking for a deal instead of finding something that I’d really love, and would last. Flash forward to the last two years or so – I’ve taken my time and saved up to purchase items that will last – and make me happy. Only incorporating colors that flow well with my home – and making sure everything is intentional and most of all, functional. I can’t stress enough how important intention is when choosing items you bring into your home.

First – real life, the lines on the blue wall are from my blinds on the opposite wall, it’s not really striped. This is the best I could do angle wise. Our family room is a very long – but not extra wide space and hard to get a good photo of. A few sourcing questions I should answer – the blue accent wall is Vermont Slate by Benjamin Moore. Our couch is from Downeast Furniture – it’s the feather luxe sectional. It’s extra, extra comfortable, deep and cozy and I feel like the perfect couch for a family room. However, if you don’t love that lived in look – it’s probably not for you. It seats about 7 very comfortably – and we’ve even had 4 people spend the night on it. Heaven. The TV stand is from Wayfair – I was super impressed with how easy it was to assemble – and it’s heavy duty, for a great price -I’m sure it’ll last as long as we’d like it to. We chose the ashland pine finish. The white table pictured against the wall is something we had built here locally in Utah. The clock on the table is Pottery Barn, and while it’s no longer available for purchase – I’m linking a similar option here. The pretty white bison faux taxidermy mount is linked here – Melby, he’s one of my favorite decor pieces, ever!

Pictured above is the back half of our family room – it’s not quite complete, I’m adding a large book shelve to that big empty wall next month. Speaking of functional decor – I picked this table up at a local flea market. It’s antique and gorgeously chippy and heavy. It serves as a game spot for my favorite little people, a snack buffet table on movie nights – and a favorite spot to work on projects. We also carry this table upstairs anytime we need some additional seating – it’s super easy to move around with the fold able leaves on the side. Stack able metal chairs are from Amazon and we also have these at our kitchen table.

A few other snap shots of this space – the pretty gold framed artwork on the left was painted by my husbands grandmother and gifted to us after she passed away. They are truly treasures! Our end tables are from Wayfair – they aren’t something I think I want permanently, but work for now. I do love the hair pin legs. I picked up the Let’s Stay In sign recently at Target, it’s from the Magnolia collection – and it flips around to say Let’s Go Out. And let’s be real – I’ll never flip it over, because my basement family room is ALL about staying in. It fits just perfectly.

Now, let’s talk about budgeting for your home. I rarely pay full price for anything – decor & furniture wise. If you can be patient – wait to purchase your furniture when it’s on sale. IE: Memorial Day and Labor Day, most furniture stores have their biggest sales over these two holidays. I’ll find the item I’m wanting months in advance and wait to purchase. A few stores also do their half yearly sale – another great time to shop. Don’t be afraid to ask employees about any up coming sales either! Another tip for furniture – check out your local Downeast Home. They often have name brand pieces – Pottery Barn, West Elm etc. at discounted prices. I was able to purchase my upstairs living room furniture, all Pottery Barn for an awesome price at Downeast – all customer returns because they wouldn’t fit in their space. Woohoo for me! I purchased about $3000 worth of furniture for $1500! Craigslist and KSL are great options too. Sign up for emails from your favorite retailers once you’ve found something you need – if your willing to be patient, within a few weeks I can almost promise you’ll have a coupon code in your inbox to use towards your item. I also LOVE doing this – because it gives me time to think about my purchase before making it. Sometimes even changing my mind. It really helps me be more intentional about what I’m choosing.

So your starting from scratch or your wanting to change up a space in your home. Tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years – first, write down 5 or so things you want this space to function as. Is this a pretty guest room that won’t often be used? Or a family room that is the hang out, let’s be in our comfy clothes spot? Choose something you love, start there – something you absolutely have to have in your room. Coordinate everything else around that piece of furniture, decor – throw pillow, whatever you love. Be patient in your search – wait for sales if you can! I often feel like once you’ve got an idea of the vibe you’d like – the big stuff usually comes first and it’s easy to add the smaller decor items later, or as you go.

Happy weekend friends!

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