Shelf styling is one of my favorite ways to incorporate meaningful items, art, photographs and books into my home. I’m getting ready to add a large book shelf into my basement – and wanted to share my go to tips and tricks for styling shelving, entry tables and mantles. It’s a super simple process for anyone – don’t be afraid to try it a few times to get things just right.

First, I like to collect everything I’m planning on using – think books, baskets, art, photographs, decor pieces, plants and vases. Second, I like to place my largest items that are going to take the most room and work around them. These items act as the “anchor”. Next place your framed artwork or photos. If you need some height – consider a stack of books or a decorative box under neath. If your working with a few shelves – I’ll even hang the framed art or photograph on the wall between shelves to add some dimension. I like to place groupings of my decor objects at this point – group them in two’s or three’s, varying height and color. Step back – and find the balance of each piece. Play with different textures – use metals, wood, ceramic and glass. Lastly, add a plant or two to really bring the space to life.

This process works for me when styling any type of surface – and it’s fun to change out for seasons or as your style transforms. I’m sharing an inspiration board I’ve been playing with for my basement family room – all items are from Target. Picture some of these items intertwined and pared with a big old collection of books — swoon worthy! ❤

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