It’s no secret that house plants are super trendy right now. It’s easy to find #plantlady just about everywhere we look. And, guilty as charged. I’m totally on board with the #plantlady LIFE. To be honest – I first started collecting house plants from a design point of view – adding bits of greenery and life to spaces in my own home. Although gorgeous, there are so many other benefits to keep these pretties in your home. Studies have shown indoor plants:

  • boost mood, productivity, creativity and concentration
  • can help reduce stress and fatigue
  • clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and increasing humidity
  • are therapeutic
  • add life to space

And while all of us weren’t blessed with the “green thumb” – I’m sharing a few secrets and tips this morning on plant care, hopefully turning even the blackest thumb a few shades of green. So, my FIVE favorite house plants, their benefits and my care tips.

^^ Above – the fiddle leaf fig. This is the IN plant right now. And while a little fickle – absolutely worth having. This guy likes bright, full sun exposure. Place him in a window – (quick tip – generally most plants shouldn’t be more than 5 to 7 feet from window). I usually water my fig, *ahem, he’s called Figgy at my house* about every 10 days when the soil dries out. I like to spin him around too to make sure each side gets adequate sunshine. Usually once in the middle of watering times I’ll mist all his leaves with a spray bottle. That’s another thing – the leaves. Dust can block the sunlight from fully absorbing – so make sure you keep them pretty and clean. I’ll use a paper towel with a little coconut oil – and only on the top to wipe them off. They also love humidity – give him a little extra love by bringing him in the bathroom while you shower once a week, or even every other. While figs do require a little extra care – mine once survived a week in a box after his plant mother was in Hawaii and forgot to tell her house sitter he’d be arriving. And yes – the bottom leaves browned a bit, but he’s still growing. For your fig – he’ll need to be re-potted every two or so years – or as soon as you can see the visible root. I promise he’s worth it!

^^ Next up, snake grass. Friends, I personally have three of these in my home – and I’ll probably end up with a few more after I write this post. My most favorite to add a little green to any space. And EASY care. They require little light – and are perfect for a bedroom or office space. Again – I water only when dry. If your new to the #plantlady life – start here! There are several gorgeous variations in this type and they are pretty easy to find at your local greenhouse. I keep one in my bedroom as they are known to purify the air and produce oxygen while you snooze.

^^ ZZ. Yes, the ZZ. I love these little guys – as if they aren’t pretty enough, they have also been found to purify the air of harmful toxins. Win, win – right? My favorite way to display these is in a cute little pot on my counter top. They prefer medium – low indirect light. I water mine once a week – and only when the soil is dry. This guy is pretty easy going, not picky and happy. I see them at my local Trader Joe’s often too!

^^ Again – if your new to the plant world, this pretty above is another great place to start. I keep my jade pothos plant above my kitchen cabinets in a pretty terracotta pot. I love the contrast between the two colors together. These do well in low to medium light when watered weekly. A super great beginner plant. I also love that they’ll “tell” you when they need a little extra – the leaves get a little droopy and I water my guy. These are climbers – and the vines will spread out. I have a couple vines that are about 5 feet long – and just gorgeous in my kitchen.

^^ And last but definitely not least – the newest addition to our home. A monstera plant – or the swiss cheese. He does best in medium indirect light and I only water about every 1 to 2 weeks, letting the soil completely dry between. These guys like drainage – so think about adding some rocks to the bottom of your planter to help here. Again – they are fairly easy to maintain. I also spin my planter around each watering to make sure the entire plant gets that filtered light.

*Now, a few of my secrets* – these keep my pretty friends looking their best. What kind of plant mom would I be without giving my guys their vitamins? I use SuperThrive – a non toxic vitamin liquid. It’s plant food at it’s finest. I’ll usually give them a a few drops mixed in with their watering about every 6 weeks. For indoor plant care – a little goes a long ways too! I swear by this stuff and if my plants are looking like they need a little extra, it greens and perks them right up. Next up, leaf care. I wipe down my plants with larger leaves – like the monstera and fig with fractionated coconut oil. I use just a dab on a wet paper towel or soft cloth and gently wipe the dust from the top side only. This keeps them clean and shiny and allows the sunshine to really sink in. I also use drainage rocks in ninety percent of my pots – really anything but those little succulent and small planters. Good drainage is the key to happy plant. Layer the bottom 1 to 2 inches of your pot with the rocks before filling with soil. Speaking of potting – use a good quality soil. I truthfully believe this will extend the life of your plant and help it look it’s best. Find something organic – I really like the Fox Farm brand, my local nursery carries it and it’s also available on amazon. There are so many options out there – don’t be afraid to ask the gardeners at your local shop what works best in your climate too!

When choosing a pot I shy away from plastic – they just don’t last as long. I’m okay with keeping a few smaller succulents in them – but I prefer terracotta, concrete or ceramic. Think texture and color when styling them alone or in a group. My go to places for shopping planting pots are Wayfair, Target and Magnolia. I shop basic terracotta pots on Amazon or even Home Depot. I’m sourcing a few of my favorites here. (PS: I know a lot of you readers are Utah locals – check out Sun River Gardens in Orem for a variety of unique and gorgeous plants and pots!)

1: Avelar Large Square 2 Piece Cement Planter Box Set

2: Modern Concrete Pot Planter

3: Basic Terracotta Pots

4: Washable Paper Pot Holder

5: Rattan Cement Pot

6: Magnolia Established Flower Pot

7: Taj Wooden Pot

I hope this gives you some green thumb inspiration. I’d love to hear what your favorite house plant and care tips are! Happy Sunday. Xoxo.

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