Essential Oil Favorites

I’ve been using essential oils for years – and have found several favorites and different ways to use them. My husband might think they are witchy potions – but readers, they work! I wanted to share here a few oils I keep on hand always – and different ways to benefit from them. * This post is not an ad, or sponsored * They’ve helped me in several different pieces of life – Information we could all potentially benefit from is my jam.

First I should mention I only use DoTerra essential oils – I’ve tried other brands here and there, but they are my favorite. I feel safe using them and happy purchasing them knowing they are sourced responsibly and some of the highest quality out there. However, I know there are other great quality brands out there – I’ll just be sharing what I personally use today. I’ll go through my go-to oils and my favorite way to use them alphabetically.

Clary Sage – this one is a must have for me. It’s funny, when I first started using oils years ago someone told me about the balance – of not only just using what you love, but often your body needs something from the ones you don’t. Clary Sage started out as one I didn’t love the smell of. As I learned how to use it properly it quickly became a favorite. If your into meditating – this is my top choice for diffusing during meditation. It’s a stress reliever and known to help balance your hormones. You can also use this internally to help calm the nervous system. I haven’t personally tried this – but ladies, it’s a great one to rub on your abdomen during your menstrual cycle during cramping too. I also like to rub this on the bottom of my feet or pulse points to help get a relaxing night of sleep.

Copaiba – my favorite most well rounded oil. Meaning it kind of checks all the boxes for me. It’s a great oil to use after a work out or activity that leaves you sore. I use some fractionated coconut oil and a few drops of Cobpaiba for a muscle soothing massage. I also take Copaiba internally using the veggie capsules – this helps sooth and calm the nervous system, and also supports cardiovascular, immune, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. I told you it’d check all the boxes! I notice this working for me most with calming anxiety and soothing my sore muscles.

Lavender – my go oil for a clean, relaxing smell. I’ll use this alone at night to help fall asleep – or during the day I’ll mix Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon in my diffuser for a fresh and clean house smell. I’m yet to have someone not come in when I’m diffusing this blend and comment on how clean it smells – try this, you won’t be disappointed! It’s also great rubbed on the bottom of your feet to promote relaxation too.

Lemon – again – love this one for the clean smell, and the fact that it actually CLEANS. It’s a great natural cleaner – I mix a few drops with some hot water and use this to scrub my walls, floors and baseboards. Not only is it killing germs and a powerful cleaner for any residue – it leaves your entire house smelling lemony fresh. My second favorite use is adding a couple drops to my drinking water to mix things up.

Peppermint – I own this oil in all the forms – oil, bead lets and touch offered by Do Terra. I use it as a massage oil to sooth tension – especially on the back of my neck and shoulders where I carry ALL the stress. The touch roller is super convenient for this. I’ll add a few drops or take a couple of bead lets to sooth an upset stomach – motion sickness included! And I love diffusing a few drops at work when I’m feeling low energy.

Okay, now moving onto the Blends – which might be why I love DoTerra so much. Ohh, the blends!

Aroma Touch – think spa heaven. This is amazing diffused – it’s a very clean and calming scent. And of course – mixed with fractionated coconut oil for massage. Again – it totally helps release all the tension I hold in my back and neck. It’s just amazing. If your looking for a massage oil – this is my absolute favorite.

Balance – because who doesn’t need more balance? It’s just like that too. It helps ease anxious feelings, great in the bath with epsom salts or diffusing while meditating / practicing yoga. I also love applying this one to my feet before bedtime too. When ever anyone asks me what blend to start with – or asks what I use for my anxious feelings, this is what I’ll always first recommend.

Breathe – we diffuse this almost every single night at our house. It’s the oil I purchase and go through the most often. While it’s great during cold season to help clear your breathing pathways and use as a chest rub, we love it’s relaxing and cooling properties even when we’re not feeling under the weather. ** This is a must have in your essential oil kit.

On Guard: also a go to during the cold / flu season. On Guard helps support respitory function and the body’s natural antioxident defences. It’s great for quick immune boost (I use the bead lets), it cleanses the air when diffused and can be used as an all purpose cleaner. I also love it’s scent – think fall-ish.

Peace – another favorite for meditating. I also love the touch roller – it’s a super calming scent. It’s known to counteract fearful emotions and create a comforting environment with feelings of peace and reassurance. I use this in the morning on the bottoms of my feet for an extra boost of comfort during the day.

Purify: this oil is unmatched in it’s purification properties – it cleans the air while getting rid of unwanted smells. I diffuse this blend all day on my weekly cleaning date. You can also add a drop to your laundry for an additional cleaning boost – I use it with my sheets and towels.

A few favorite diffuser blends, as mentioned above – lemon, lavender and rosemary. My go to clean and refreshing home smell. Eucalyptus and Lavender – for a spa like scent, Lemon and Rosemary alone for an energizing blend and Balance and Breathe at night for a relaxing, clearing the pathways sleep.

We made it! Okay, so now where to start. Start small – essential oils, especially of the best grade can be pricey. I do wholeheartedly believe they are worth every penny – but I’ve slowly built my collection over the years finding out what works best for me. The main things I use my oils for daily are relaxation, promoting better sleep, anxiety, cleaning and massage. So if I were to recommend just a few to start with – they’d be lemon, lavender, balance, breathe and purify. Branch out from there and figure out what you like. Do Terra sells fractionated coconut oil for blending topically, it’s also pretty easy to find on amazon or your local health food store. I have a couple different diffusers – I’m going to link here a great inexpensive option I found on amazon. I have two in my home – they work perfectly. If your looking for a prettier option – I’m currently waiting to splurge on this one. ❤ And a couple of great resources, or the “essential oil bible” as I call it at our house. I also use this often for great healing remedies and information.

Whether your a novice essential oil master – or just getting started, thanks for stopping by and reading. I’d love to hear about your favorites and how you use them or answer any questions about how I use mine. Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday. Xoxo.

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