DIY Rope Beehive

Good morning sweet readers! If your following on Instagram and Facebook you’ve probably seen a few posts about these little rope beehives. I spotted them first in the newest Magnolia catalog and again on their IG – after finding out they wouldn’t be for sale, I had to figure out how to make my own. They were super simple and inexpensive – I wanted to share a quick tutorial here. 

You’ll need: rope (linking what I used here) hot glue gun and glue, and a couple bowls (optional) for the base and sizing.

I bought the only two colors I could find at my local Home Depot, although I think any texture and shade would be gorgeous. Each roll has 50 feet – they are $8.81. I was able to make five beehives in different sizes with both rolls. It definitely used a lot more rope than I was planning on. This made them about $4 each.

I used two older plastic bowls in different sizes. This gave me a base to start the rope around the bottom. 

Start by wrapping the rope around the bottom of the bowl and as you start with the second row hot glue the piece on top of the 1st row so it lays flat. It’s  hard to see the glue dots in this photo – but I made little dots about 2 inches apart all the way around. Some of the glue did push out of the edges, I used a toothpick while it’s still hot to dab it away.

Continue wrapping up the bowl and gluing every couple of inches. I cut the rope about five rows up and started wrapping again about 1.5 inches apart to make the opening.

Once you get to the top where you want to start shaping your hive, remove the bowl from the bottom and start wrapping a bit tighter. You’ll want to start gluing more towards the inside of the hive to wrap the rope inwards. I laid my hive on it’s side to get the glue on the inner part without too much dripping. Just work your way up until it’s at your desired height. I left a small opening at the top of mine – and cut the rope about 3 inches longer than needed, then just looped it in the top and used some glue inside the hive to hold the loop in.

TADAH! Some of the sweetest little rope beehives you’ve ever seen. I tried a couple different sizes with the two colors of rope. They turned out so fun – I’m keeping two of these for myself and a little spring on my entry table. I would LOVE to hear and see if you try this – let me know below how it goes. I made the five hives in about an hour and a half, the gluing is a little tedious – but once you get the hang of it – super simple. 

Happy hive making!

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